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Client Recommendations

“E-Three, Inc.’s on-site investigation identified several areas where we were experiencing heat loss and could save significant dollars in operational costs. Their report was formatted in such a way that we could easily prioritize and tackle projects according to our budget and ROI. We have implemented many of their recommendations and have realized not only cost savings, but huge environmental benefits.”

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“The County made the decision to do a major upgrade of the Law Enforcement Center building in 2016 and sent out a Request for Proposals for an owner’s representative. Seven proposals were submitted and those firms were interviewed, as each firm had an extensive and impressive background in this capacity. The decision was made to select E3, Inc., based on the total cost of the proposal, which included a team comprised of highly regarded professionals with a local connection.”

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“It is my pleasure to recommend E Three Inc., for any Energy Improvement Services work you may require. The company’s audit, analysis and project management expertise is professional, thorough, reliable and on budget. If you are retro-commissioning or upgrading any of your facilities contact E Three Inc.

In the summer of 2016, E Three approached my team and me, and proposed we undergo an LED Lighting upgrade for our School buildings. The total proposed cost was $128,500.00, E Three provided us with attractive pricing on equipment, bid and contracted with labor and provided the school with Project Management services. Our project began in earnest in February of 2017; the equipment was delivered in March and installed over spring break. The execution was smooth and within budget.”

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“The most attractive part of working on this project with E Three was their conscientious effort to help the school reduce project cost through the use of a Grant from the Michigan Energy Office [which we were unaware of] and the coordination and application for available utility incentives.

This careful structuring of our project led to a rebate and grant in the amount of $89,518.00, representing a 52% reduction in the overall cost of the project.

It’s nice to have a partner who understands the importance of thorough research and can do the leg work for you. It is my pleasure to recommend them.”

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“It is with pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Brian Johnson and E3, Inc. After meeting with Brian a few years ago to allow for the energy analysis of our 40,000 square foot Class-A office building in downtown Traverse City, I was shocked to learn of the inefficiencies and inadequacies that existed in our building.”

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“The projections of cost savings, which I believe are conservative, will save us approximately $400,000 over the life of the projects.

In addition to the recommended changes, E3 has provided consulting services when we made a change to our HVAC systems. They have knowledgeable people on staff that can troubleshoot and repair any issues we have encountered.”

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“20 years ago we built a 10,000 sq ft office building. From the first year on we experienced severe ice build-up on the roof and eves. We tried additional insulation and heat tape, with no significant improvement. In 2014 I contacted Brian at E3. They came in and did a thorough assessment of the situation, including a pressure check of the building. They were able to determine where we were losing heat and came up with a solution to remedy the situation. Last winter was our first season with the improvements. Not only did we no longer have ice issues, we have experienced a significant savings in both our gas and electric bills. I would highly recommend Brian and E3 if you have an older building and are looking for ways to make it more energy efficient.”

“I was very happy with the work performed by E3 Inc. for Otsego County. They undertook a thorough evaluation of our heat loss issue and formulated a work plan to correct the issue. We were pleased with the way E3 performed the work with minimal intrusion. The quality of the work was great and I would recommend E3 to others without hesitation.”