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Understanding PACE in 90 Seconds

Owners of commercial and industrial property in the U.S. spend $202 billion each year on energy for their operations – yet 30% of that cost is unnecessary. That’s $60 billion wasted every year due [...]

Radio Center #1

E Three Inc. visited the Radio Center #1 Building to identify potential heat loss through the shell of the structure. When the building was put into a positive pressure, the heat loss was exaggerated to [...]

Kirtland Community College Administration Building

Roscommon, MI Larger than expected energy use and ice buildup have plagued the Administration Building at Kirtland Community College since it’s construction, which presented the team at E Three Inc. an excellent opportunity to evaluate [...]

Munson Health Care Facility

Munson Healthcare Center is the largest employer in Grand Traverse County. The head of facilities management for the center, who oversees building and maintenance projects for the building facilities of the center, is quoted as [...]

Alpena Annex Building

In November of 2009, Alpena County, Michigan used a portion of a federal grant to install a new boiler system for their Annex Building. Within a couple months, the staff noticed a significant drop in [...]