In November of 2009, Alpena County, Michigan used a portion of a federal grant to install a new boiler system for their Annex Building. Within a couple months, the staff noticed a significant drop in energy costs. County Commissioner Cam Habermehl said, “For the second half of November, the monthly gas bill dropped more than $900. For December of 2009 our gas bill was $3,004, and for the same month in 2010 it was only $959.”

Wes Wilder – Maintenance Superintendent, Alpena County said Viessmann boilers were specified by the architect and engineer for this project. This work was completed as part of a multi-jurisdictional energy efficiency grant project. E three Inc. out of Traverse City, MI put this project together. Wilder added, “Cost, quality and efficiencies were all factors in determining which boiler to install. These new boilers have been a positive experience. They are quieter and occupy approximately 1/3 of the area the old boiler occupied. Maintenance time and costs have been greatly reduced and there is a peace of mind that goes along with having these quality energy efficient boilers in place.” Asked whether the new boiler system showed significant energy savings over the past year, Wes exclaimed, “For the period from November 3, 2009 to May 6, 2010 our natural gas cost for the building was $13,365 and for November 2, 2010 to May 5, 2011 it was $4,654. WOW! That is a difference of $8,711.”