Preliminary Facility Condition Assessment (PFCA)

Is an E3 term that describes the process of our expert Team performing an analysis of the condition of a facility(s). Our Team is made up of professionals of both engineers of various disciplines, skilled-trade technicians, and architects.

Our analysis is done by walk-through inspection, mathematical modeling, or a combination of both. While we are not an Architectural and Engineering (A&E) firm, our staff is made up of both architects and engineers. We have assessed many facilities as a part of our standard work scope and we have generated narratives, supplemental drawings, with photographs, as to what conditions were observed, with a summary budget for correction of all deficiencies.

Once our walk-through data has been collected, appropriate estimates to correct the deficiencies is prepared.

Estimates are prepared and the owner given line items that are qualified and sorted, grouped together, and presented in a useful format. This format is unique to E3 and is intended to give an owner the information which is required to proceed with their “ eyes wide open” on the path which is best for the facility.

E3 works with the owner to make our report exceptional and ultimately changes the nature of the PFCA service from pure engineering and management, to an amalgam of engineering, management, and technology.