Environmental Control

Building control systems function as the central nervous system of the building HVAC system. Facility managers can use a well-designed and installed system to perform a range of activities that improve the operating efficiency of the building, while enhancing comfort level of the building tenants.

But if the system is in adequate, outdated or improperly used, it can erase all of the energy savings from a high efficiency HVAC system.

One of the most cost effective measures for improving operations is updating a poorly performing control system. But having an inadequate existing control system is only one reason for upgrading. Rapid advances in the development of standards and technology have combined to create a new generation of control systems that offer capabilities that go far beyond those available just a few years ago.

Most existing control systems only automate a portion of the building’s energy-using systems. Some focus solely on the central equipment, ignoring up to 90 percent of the energy-using equipment installed in a building. While this might have been a good practice when the system was installed, advances in system design accompanied by reduced installation costs and increased energy costs now make it important to integrate as many functions as possible.

Let E Three Inc. look at your building controls and see how they can be fine-tuned or upgraded to provide increased energy efficiency.