Results Driven Design

What makes a good design?

A good design incorporates a balance of Cost, Quality, and Time. And incorporates the desires of the client into that design.

Aspects of Design which are reviewed for every project are:

  • What type of design best serves the needs of the client?
  • Does the design meet all governing codes?
  • What are the Life Cycle Costs of the designed system?
  • Does the client have the necessary tools to monitor and reduce the operation costs?
  • Does the design allow the client to maintain a healthy environment? Low noise, allergen reducing.
  • Does the design need to be in accordance with the GreenBuilding guidelines? What level of LEED certification is desired?
  • Does the design meet a budget number?
  • Does the client have any preconceived ideas of the type of system they would like?
  • Does the client want to capture wasted energy to apply towards other energy demands?
  • Have the design professionals worked together and as a result of that, have incorporated practices which maximize the clients investment?

Aspects of Balance which are utilized for every project design are:

  • Economy (first cost of installation Vs cost of operation)
  • Durability (how will items stand up to day to day operation?)
  • Ease of operation (Will a maintenance staff be able to run the building?)
  • Expandability (Will the building be able to be expanded?)
  • Ability to be dynamic (Will the building be able to host different functions?)
  • A schedule for design, construction, and occupancy.
  • Cost of Systems (What quality of building systems is required and what level would be nice?)


“When picking design professionals it is vitally important that you don’t leave anything to chance!”

John J. Richards, PE, LEED AP