Roscommon, MI

Larger than expected energy use and ice buildup have plagued the Administration Building at Kirtland Community College since it’s construction, which presented the team at E Three Inc. an excellent opportunity to evaluate the issue and do what they do best: reduce excess energy use, improve comfort level, and increase the building’s overall efficiency.

Kirtland Community College was founded on March 7, 1966 and offers students the opportunity to earn an education through 80 accredited two-year associate degree programs, online courses, and supported bachelor degree transfer programs. With a central campus located near Roscommon, MI and extension campuses in Gaylord, West Branch, and Grayling, Kirtland Community College is the largest community college district in Michigan. Approximately 65,000 people reside within the Kirtland district, which totals 2,500 square miles and consists of all or part of nine different counties. Kirtland Community College is not only an important means for students to continue their education, but also a major asset to the North-Central Michigan community as an employer and economic resource.

Three Inc. was hired by Kirtland Community College to perform an energy analysis and study of their Administration Building and Instructional Building. While evaluating the Administration Building during a site visit, the E3 team noted a large amount of ice buildup hanging from the building’s roof. According to the facilities manager, the ice buildup issue got so bad that the melting snow and ice would damn up, causing water infiltration into the interior of the building. Further, the employees were regularly complaining about drafts and discomfort during the winter and had to wear extra clothes to work. malaysia Through use of thermal imaging technology, it was discovered that the cause of the issue was a poor building envelope and excessive heat loss from the building.

After identifying the poor building envelope of the Administration Building at Kirtland Community College as the cause of excess energy use, ice buildup,and discomfort, the team at E Three Inc. was hired to provide a cost-effective solution.

The professionals of E3 and experienced contractors improved the building’s thermal envelope in strategic and critical areas using spray foam insulation and an additional vapor barrier. Hiring E3 for energy efficiency improvement in Kirtland Community College’s Administration Building provided impressive results. A dramatic reduction in ice buildup can be seen on the Administration Building during the winter; proof that the thermal envelope has been improved significantly and excess heat loss has been greatly reduced. Comfort levels of employees and visitors of the Administration Building have also been drastically improved. The Kirtland Community College Director of Facilities Management has since received considerable praise from the College’s President, even receiving an impromptu “high-five” for the overwhelming success of the efficiency analysis and energy conservation solutions provided by E Three Inc.

Let the expert team at E Three Inc. help you improve efficiency and reduce energy use in all of your inefficient buildings.