In 1959 Northwood University (N.U.) became a reality when Dr. Arthur E. Turner and Dr. R. Gary Stauffer enrolled its first 100 students at Northwood Institute, using a 19th century mansion in Alma, Michigan, as a school building. Today, with over 35,000 alumni, that Northwood University site has grown and the school has expanded to include additional campuses in Florida and Texas.

Recently, their Midland Michigan Campus, wanted to update an old boiler in their Athletic Building that originally was used to heat the building along with an indoor pool. Some time back the pool was filled in to make room for a weight room for their athletes, but the boiler was not changed out or downsized @ that time. The existing building was 55,000 sq. ft.

In 2011,Northwood wanted to add a new Turf Building/ Auditorium(60,000 sq. ft. ) to this existing building. Looking for a solution they enlisted the engineering team of E3 inc, along with the professional Construction group 3 Rivers Construction of Midland.

Mr. Richards (President of E3 Inc.) worked with the boiler supplier on specifying and installation of a Viessmann high efficiency condensing boiler system at the Annex Building in Alpena, Michigan and was quick to recommend the Viessmann system for the University.

N.U was intrigued by the idea of installing a state of the art, high efficiency, all condensing boiler system but they were also bound by some budgetary restraints. In order to reduce the initial investment cost of the condensing boilers, a hybrid system was suggested. This system would lower the upfront cost savings by using one condensing and one non condensing boiler without compromising the system design. This gave a quicker return on investment that they needed to go forward with the purchase of the Viessmann System.

Operational cost savings was estimated at over $50,000 in gas consumption per year compared to their existing equipment, however, there was no real way to meter that change. With the 60,000 sq. ft. addition to the building, their gas bills did not go up!