E Three Inc. visited the Radio Center #1 Building to identify potential heat loss through the shell of the structure. When the building was put into a positive pressure, the heat loss was exaggerated to show where heat was exiting out of the building. Numerous voids in the shell were found.

During normal operating conditions the building was found to be in a positive pressure and hot air was being pushed out of the building through the voids. When the wind came out of the north, a positive pressure was formed on the north side of the building. This forced air into the building, irrespective of outside temperature. In the winter it forced cold air into the building. This pressure traveled over the building, creating a negative pressure on the south side, which in turn allowed the escape of heated air. A westerly wind created the same condition on the eastern side of the building. Due to these pressure changes created by wind force, energy was lost in all seasons.

According to the Department of Energy, about 42% of energy is lost through doors, roofs, attics, walls, floors, and foundations – known collectively as the building envelope.

E Three Inc. was hired to correct the voids that were leading to these issues. With the help of our subcontractors, we fixed the numerous voids in the building envelope. Chris Warren The owner of the building is very happy with the results. They are seeing significant reductions in their gas consumption, savings which average around 30%, even with the colder than normal winter. The reductions in electricity use this summer should be even better.

E Three Inc. helped Radio Center #1 get substantial rebates from both DTE and Traverse City Light and Power. These rebates helped to offset the cost of the project.

Let us help you address your building’s issues. E3 can also help you get the rebates that are available from the various utilities like we did for Radio Center #1.